"Just telling it like it is"

Divisive industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that anticipation for the PlayStation 4 has started to fade as gamers await the announcement of Microsoft’s next generation console. However, he doesn’t feel that Sony has too much to worry about, as the pendulum could swing again at E3 next month.

Speaking as part of the latest episode of the Pach-Attack, the Wedbush Securities employee noted that the platform holder was “very smart” to reveal its console in February, but added that excitement has started to dip over the past couple of weeks. “Now the conversation is all about the next Xbox event,” he declared. “It's going to get buzz heading into the two weeks before E3.”

Pachter doesn’t necessarily believe that hype translates to purchase intent, though. “I don’t think anyone’s buying any of these boxes until they see [the hardware] and the price,” he added. “As such, what’s really going to matter is E3, because you’re going to see the box, the price, and the release date.”

In the wake of Microsoft’s event announcement, the PlayStation maker has been attempting to keep the media’s attention on the PS4 by releasing interviews with developers. The company’s going to need something bigger if it hopes to rain on the next Xbox’s parade, though – perhaps this week’s Gran Turismo celebration will bring some big news.

[source gametrailers.com, via arabicgamers.com]