Sombre reflection

You may not believe it, but Beyond: Two Souls is a PlayStation 3 game. The console’s swansong – which stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe – looks a step beyond anything else that's currently available on the platform, and that’s because developer Quantic Dream implemented concepts from its in-development PlayStation 4 engine in the current generation game.

"By exploring the PS4, we got new ideas and worked very hard to implement them into Beyond’s engine," studio gaffer Guillaume de Fondaumière told Destructoid. "Nevertheless, our PS4 title will run on a new engine."

Earlier in the year, the Parisian outfit explained that it had received extremely early access to Sony’s next generation console, and that it is already in pre-production on its first title for the machine. Exactly what the "ambitious project" entails is still under wraps, but it’s rumoured to be based on Ray Kurzweil’s speculative novel The Singularity Is Near, and could be set in the same universe as the developer’s Kara technology demonstration.