Shadows of the Damned may have been a commercial flop, but that didn't stop the Grasshopper Manufacture developed third-person shooter from being a thoroughly enjoyable action romp. As such, you may be excited to learn that Massimo Guarini, the director of the aforementioned title, has signed up with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe to produce a new intellectual property.

The contract pertains to Guarini’s new studio Ovosonico, which is the first Italian firm to sign a deal with the platform holder. "We're incredibly excited to be working with such an innovative new studio,” said Sony’s Michael Denny. "It is through working with creative minds such as Massimo Guarini that ensures that the best exclusive games are only available on PlayStation, and we firmly believe that this relationship will result in something special.”

Guarini added: "Ovosonico aims to challenge convention, to push the boundaries further, and expand our medium by delivering innovative, emotionally engaging games that deeply resonate with people. SCE Worldwide Studios Europe understands our vision and we are thrilled to partner with them. We strongly feel that they are the perfect partner for us."

It’s unclear which of the PlayStation platforms the studio is working on, but we suppose that PS3, Vita, and PS4 are all possible. Sadly, with the ink on the deal still warm, it may be a while before we find out for sure.