Hungry Giraffe

The PlayStation Vita port of Laughing Jackal’s likeable mammal munching simulator Hungry Giraffe will scoff a space on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow for just £2.39/€2.99. The fast food-focused twist on the endless climbing genre will include online leaderboards, fresh power-ups, and a new storefront. Owing to the low price, there will be microtransactions in the game – but the developer ensures us that you’ll be able to play the greedy adventure in full without spending a penny.

In addition to the release date, the studio also deployed a brand new trailer for the updated version of the game. Hungry Giraffe previously appeared on the PlayStation Minis platform, where it earned a respectable 7/10 from this very site and went on to sell over 100,000 copies. While a North American date is not yet set in stone, the studio tells us that it won’t be far behind. Let us know if you’ll be picking up the title in the comments section below.