"Here come the freeloaders"

Soon you won’t need to spend a penny to waste the day shooting Nathan Drake in the face. Naughty Dog has announced that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception's multiplayer is going free-to-play – though there are some limitations, as you might expect. It gets quite complicated, so make sure you’re comfortable while we relay all of the gory details.

The client itself will be free to download, but you won’t be able to progress beyond Level 15 if you don’t pay. The game will still track your experience points, but any weapons, skins, or avatars that you would have ordinarily unlocked will be restricted until you cough up. You’ll be able to raise the level cap to 25 by spending $4.99, while removing all of the limitations will cost you $19.99. Meanwhile, the co-op arena mode will set you back $9.99, while the co-op adventure scenarios will retail for $11.99. Alternatively, you’ll be able to buy the full game (including the single-player campaign) and all of its DLC for $39.99.

Don’t worry if you already own Uncharted 3 – Naughty Dog’s got some special surprises for you. Not only will a paw logo be added to your rank icon, but you’ll also unlock an exclusive shirt for your custom characters. Furthermore, you'll now be able to select from a new roster of colour customisation options, allowing you to give your playable protagonists a much needed makeover.

Over the coming months, the developer promises to unleash a further 40 DLC items, with each content drop revolving around a specific theme. The free-to-play client is set to launch later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. Let us know if you’re excited in the comments section below.

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