Weird, huh?

Bizarre PlayStation Move duelling game Johann Sebastian Joust will finally release on the PS3, if it can achieve its reasonable Kickstarter target. The game will launch as part of a compilation named SPORTSFRIENDS, which contains a compendium of indie hits. Developer Die Gute Fabrick is describing the package as the modern day Summer Games. Appropriately, it’s due out next Summer.

The compilation – which is being funded through a combination of Sony’s Pub Fund initiative and Kickstarter – will also include a four-player racing game, a pole vault-based polo game, and a really weird mash-up between Super Smash Bros and football. Each of the titles are designed around local multiplayer play.

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, point your browser through here. Contributing $15 will secure you a PS3 copy of the game at launch – but there are various other options available. Die Gute Fabrick needs $150,000 in order to hit its target, which it hopes will enable it to polish all four titles ahead of release.

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