Red shift

Mass Effect 3’s biggest expansion to date Omega will arrive on 27th November in North America, developer BioWare has announced. The $14.99 add-on will see protagonist Commander Shepard re-united with ousted Omega matriarch Aria T'loak, as the duo aim to retake the contested space station from Cerberus control.

According to producer Mike Gamble, the content will be “double the size” of the biggest Mass Effect 3 DLC so far. We assume he’s talking about the Leviathan expansion, and not the Extended Cut add-on that released earlier in the year.

Omega’s story follows the events of the Mass Effect 3: Invasion prequel comics, which saw evil General Petrovsky steal the stronghold from the Illusive Man’s clutches. According to Gamble, the former will make an appearance in the DLC. We’ll also get our first glimpse at a female turian, which will no doubt send rabid fans of the franchise into an uncontrollable frenzy.

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