"Wait until you see the real ending"

Earlier in the week we reported that fans had started a petition against Mass Effect 3’s disappointing conclusion. At the time of writing, the lobby had raised $66,000 for US charity Child’s Play. Since then that number has jumped by approximately $10,000, with an additional 600 players adding their name to the cause.

Such pressure has caused developer BioWare to respond. Describing the situation as “incredibly painful”, studio co-founder Ray Muzyka has admitted that the developer is looking at alternative options to extend the conclusion of Mass Effect 3.

Writing on the company’s official forums, he said:

Executive producer Casey Hudson and the team are hard at work on a number of game content initiatives that will help answer the questions, providing more clarity for those seeking further closure to their journey. You'll hear more on this in April.

Muzyka added that BioWare is working hard to maintain the integrity of the main plot, and that the “content initiatives” will be separate from the company’s pre-existing post release plans.

He explained:

We're working hard to maintain the right balance between the artistic integrity of the original story while addressing the fan feedback we've received. This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games, so rest assured that your journey in the Mass Effect universe can, and will, continue.

Exactly how BioWare will go about quelling the concerns of its vocal fanbase is unclear at the moment. The biggest challenge for the developer, as Muzyka states, will be maintaining the integrity of its original vision while changing the perception of its loudest supporters.

What’s your opinion on this story, readers? Do you think BioWare should stick to its guns? Are fans in the wrong for requesting changes in the first place? Let us know in the comments.

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