Invisible ink

If you were offended by the conclusion to the so-called NeverEnding Story, then you might want to hit your browser’s back button before reading anymore of this article. It appears that development on Giant Sparrow’s intriguing PSN collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, The Unfinished Swan, might be heading towards a close.

A Tweet sent out by the developer earlier in the month teased that anticipant gamers should look out for “some big news” about the title soon. With Sony on an announcement winning streak at the moment, we’re sure there’s room for one more.

But why should you care? Well, The Unfinished Swan looks absolutely incredible for starters. The game sees you tossing paint from a first-person perspective in order to piece together the otherwise invisible environments around you. Refer to the trailer below for full context.

Looks great doesn’t it? Let’s cross our fingers for a full announcement soon.