The best game you'll never play

Binary Domain is a rare gem. Sure, it gets a bit repetitive in places, but it’s uncommon to find a new IP with a genuinely intriguing universe and likable cast. It’s just a shame the general public didn’t agree. According to this month’s NPD report, the Yakuza Studio developed third-person shooter sold just 20k copies in North America throughout the month of March. That’s an extremely lousy performance considering the quality of the game.

Naturally the tracking period doesn't account for launch day sales, but with the game releasing right at the end of February, it's safe to assume that it should have done much better.

Furthermore, as the most recent title to come out of SEGA, it’s likely that the game’s poor performance contributed to the company’s decision to dramatically change its publishing strategy. It's probably best to erase all hopes for a sequel right now.