Move aside

Activision’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in will feature full PlayStation Move compatibility, developer Beenox has confirmed.

Our friends over at iWaggle3D got suspicious when a boxart for the game uploaded to Amazon included a “PlayStation Move Compatible” bubble. This prompted Jonathon Grendon, PR manager at the studio responsible for the web slinger, to release the following statement:

This is the final box art and the PS3 version will effectively support the PlayStation Move motion controller.

It’s unclear how Move will be implemented, though the box makes reference to two motion wands, hinting at multiple controller support. If that’s the case, it would be the first third-party title to take advantage of two Move controllers, albeit optionally.

We suspect the controls will be tied into The Amazing Spider-Man’s new “Web Rush” mechanic, which allows you to glide around Manhattan from a first-person perspective.

Either way, Move seems like a solid fit for a Spidey game, so let’s hope the results are good.