Today, SEGA's released some new information about the game — clarifying its launch date for Summer 2012.

While Summer feels like a million years away from these gloomy January months, at least it gives us something to look forward to; specifically kicking back with AiAi and crew with a glass of cherryade in hand. We might even stretch to a real banana split — what with the high calorie pudding being the food of Gods and all.

Sorry, we're babbling like monkeys.

New details pertaining to Banana Splitz (the game, not the snack) include the promise of online multiplayer and GPS functionality, allowing you to compare scores with friends locally and worldwide. There's also the mention of new mini-games such as Monkey Bingo. And, as previously mentioned, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz will allow you to create levels using the PlayStation Vita's camera.

The game might end up being significantly more fleshed out than we originally expected. We hope so, because we're big fans of the Super Monkey Ball series — it's just that recent efforts have left us fearing for the worst. Let's hope this is a return to form.