Heavy PlayStation Portable users will be able to apply for a discount on digital UMD titles.

So naturally there's a bit of friction in the region about the PlayStation Vita's lack of UMD backwards compatibility. Sony's aiming to reduce that friction by announcing the PSP-Vita UMD Passport Program for the region.

While not foolproof — it's better than nothing. The initiative will allow those with large UMD collections to exchange their disc based games for a discounted price. Those willing to participate will need to download an application onto the PSP from December 6th. Once you've popped in your UMD and registered the game, it will be available at a discounted price once the Vita launches.

Supported titles include games from Sony, SEGA, Square Enix, Capcom and Konami.

There's no word on what kind of discount existing players will receive.

[Thanks Andriasang]