NowGamer has spotted what it believes to be a cryptic release date in Grand Theft Auto V's debut trailer. There's lingering scene that focuses on a man erecting a 'For Sale' sign. Written on the curb to the right is the number '2405', which NowGamer hypothesises could point towards a May 24th release date.

Before you American naysayers pop into the comments to claim the number is the wrong way around, remember that Grand Theft Auto V is being developed in the UK — and we write our dates in that order.

With Max Payne 3 due out in March, the date seems unlikely. But Rockstar has a tendency to do the unexpected, and it's chosen May to release some of its bigger games before.

Interestingly, NowGamer adds that the soundtrack to the GTAV trailer — "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake" by the Small Faces — originally launched on 24th May, 1968.

The plot thickens.

[Thanks Nowgamer]