Oh Ninja Theory.

Prior to Enslaved's release, studio gaffer Tameem Antoniades talked up the benefits of going multiplatform after its previous PlayStation 3 exclusive project — Heavenly Sword — didn't meet expectations.

But since Enslaved sold similarly poorly, the studio has turned its attention to Namco's supposedly stingy marketing budget.

"I think it's always a difficult equation, isn't it? It's like it's not enough to just make a game," Antoniades told Gamasutra.

"All the ducks have to be lined up, and those ducks include the creative ducks, like the theme and the content. I wonder whether Enslaved was a bit too fantasy, or off the mainstream fantasy, on one hand.

"But it needed support, it needed a drive, a big push, and I don't think it necessarily got that. I really kind of hate it when people make, say, 'Oh, marketing didn't support it,' but a new IP needs to be visible, and I didn't feel like it was. A lot of people still even haven't heard of the game."

Antoniades went on to say that he was "puzzled" by publishers not giving new titles support.

"Why bet on triple-A if you're not going to spend for triple-A? You can't have it both ways. But, you know, I think we're proud as a team that we've got the game done, we got it on time. We thought that we did our job."

Ninja Theory's currently hard at work on the divisive DmC for Capcom.