All Those Bugs You Encountered In The Battlefield 3 Beta? Totally Fixed.

DICE has said its aware of the bugs present in the Battlefield 3 beta and that they will be resolved in time for the game's full release later in the month.

“It wasn’t like when things surfaced in the beta we were caught by surprise and started fixing the main game," creative director Lars Gustavsson told Destructoid. “The main game was more or less done. It was more validating what we knew. We just checked our lists of already implemented fixes and said ‘Yeah, yeah we know about that one’ or ‘Oh yeah, that old one.’”

But while DICE was already aware of many of the bugs identified in Battlefield 3's beta, the multiplayer test has not been a waste of time.

“There were things we found. The pace of scoring, that people were scoring so quick took us by surprise. A lot of good findings that will make it a better experience,” Gustavsson continued.