It's all downhill from here

It’s been a year now since the PlayStation Move launch title Sports Champions released, and we’re quite surprised that a multitude of sports compilation titles haven’t released this past year to try and capitalise on its success. Well, that’s about to change as Winter Stars is headed to Move this 2011 holiday season.

Offering up online multiplayer and a story-driven career mode throughout eleven different winter sporting events: paraskiing, curling, snowmobile, bobsled, downhill skiing, figure skating, biathlon, freeride skiing, snowboard cross, ski flying, and short-track, there’s quite a lot of game here to keep us occupied in the warmth of our homes as the snow piles up outside.

Winter Stars is coming to us from publisher Deep Silver, which has already brought us one PlayStation Move title, one of Move's best fitness titles Get Fit with Mel B. While this is indeed a good title, the studio’s largest claim to fame is its newest release, critically acclaimed non-Move title, Dead Island. While these types of sports compilations have a reputation for being average gimmick titles, the gorgeous screenshots are keeping our hopes alive.