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1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 26th Oct 2010
  • EU 26th Nov 2010
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  • Review Get Fit with Mel B (PlayStation 3)

    Spice up your life

    When people think of gamers, they don't usually think “fitness.” Yet once motion gaming was introduced, a surge of exercise games began entering the market. Some, like Wii Fit, have been a huge success, causing companies like EA and Ubisoft to follow suit. Many of these titles are paired with a celebrity name to help set them...

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Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot
Get Fit with Mel B Screenshot

Get Fit with Mel B News

  • News Get Fit with Mel B Gets iPhone App to Track Your Progress

    Never be away from your fitness goal

    Move fitness title Get Fit with Mel B is one of the better keep fit titles available on PS3, and now its take on getting up and active has been beefed-up with an official application for iOS devices. The app lets you keep track of your exertions in conjunction with the Get Fit with Mel B website, letting you...

  • Interviews Lightning Fish Games - Get Fit with Mel B

    Get Answers with These Qs

    Get Fit with Mel B is the first fitness game for Move, although there's been plenty of sweat poured out in Sports Champions. We had plenty of questions about how Move was used in the upcoming workout title, so we collared developer Lightning Fish Games and demanded answers. Movemodo: First of all, please introduce yourself...

  • News Get More from Your Workout with Mel B's Accessories

    Workout mat and weights

    Get Fit with Mel B is out now in North America, but any UK-based readers with one eye on making the most of their fitness experience might want to check out these performance-enhancing accessories available from Blaze. Officially endorsed by both Mel B and Fitness First, the BLAZE Fitness First Wrist & Ankle weights are...

  • News Behind the Scenes with Mel B Not Your Average "Making Of" Video

    Shot in LA, features exercise

    You could normally play bingo with developer behind-the-scenes videos: toys on programmers' desks, kitschy movie posters, phrases like "the most advanced game of its type". So it's very refreshing to see the first Making Of video for Get Fit with Mel B throw all that stuff out of the window and show an Italian...

  • News Head to London Next Sunday to Watch Mel B Work Out

    Creepy as that sounds

    Former Spice Girl Mel B is going all-out to promote her upcoming fitness game Get Fit with Mel B, including making a personal appearance at a meet-and-greet event next Sunday at London's Oxford Street GAME. Those who make the trip to the capital can meet the Scary one, get an autograph signed and watch an exclusive...

  • News Get Fit with Mel B Gets Detailed with Press Release

    More info on Spicy workout

    The news you'll soon be able to get sweaty with a Spice Girl in the shapely form of Get Fit with Mel B rocked our world, and Black Bean has followed up to create a boxercise-style one-two punch with this press release. With 199 individually tailored exercises – you'd have thought they'd have been able to come up with one...

  • News Fulfil your 1990s Dreams by Getting Sweaty with a Spice Girl

    Former Scary Spice Mel B, that is

    Motion gaming has ushered in a new generation of fitness titles, with PlayStation Move about to receive its first in the slender form of Get Fit with Mel B. The former Spice Girl has teamed up with Fitness First, Black Bean and Lightning Fish Studios to bring a combination of gaming and fitness to the PS3. Boasting...

About The Game

Are you ready for an unparalleled interactive fitness software?

Take the official license and the knowledge of Fitness First, the world’s largest gym chain, then add a complete and comprehensive nutritional program, 6 types of aerobics disciplines with more than 100 tailored exercises, a brand new proprietary technology and, above all, Mel B, the top worldwide celebrity to train with!

Just shuffle these elements and you’ll have “Get Fit With Mel B”. This is not the umpteenth fitness title, but the ultimate and long-life experience that will entertain your mind and your body.