Perhaps we're making more of a to-do out of this issue than it deserves, but regional naming conventions really are the very bane of our existence. Shakes fist.

We'll forgive Gravity Rush that minor irritation, as the game looks phenomenal. Sony's exclusive PlayStation Vita title has been scooping up Game Of The Show awards left, right and centre during Tokyo Game Show, so it's probably about time we learned a bit more about the game itself.

It stars Kat, a cel-shaded heroine with amnesia. While exploring the city she awakes in, Kat happens upon a black cat, who grants her the ability to control gravity. It's a flimsy plot but it provides context for a narrative in which Kat must recover her memory and save a city that's literally breaking apart.

The PS Vita allows you to adapt Kat's centre of gravity, meaning you'll be able to traverse environments by "falling" into previously inaccessible areas. These gravity skills not only benefit traversal, but also combat. With the world around you occupied by unusual entities, the protagonist can use gravity to target foes and land attacks. As you progress you'll happen upon more combat abilities, turning Kat into something of a powerhouse by the game's conclusion.

There's more information on the PlayStation Blog.