The title — originally intended as a full retail release — will instead launch on the PlayStation Network this 'Winter'.

Despite being out of the spotlight for some time, I Am Alive has maintained its survival setting. "The game follows an everyman’s journey to find his wife and daughter, who were lost during the 'Event'," reads the official press release. "A year later, he finds Haventon, his hometown, in shambles. Buildings are destroyed, toxic ash fills the streets, and society has been torn, causing inhabitants to take all necessary actions to survive.

"In I Am Alive, players will be challenged by both their environment and their enemies. Stamina and resource management are key when being exposed to deadly atmospheres and scaling enormous buildings in search of supplies. The unique combat system requires players to utilize intimidation: cowards are easily swayed with an empty gun, while other enemies will put players to the test."

It sounds fantastic on paper, but the decision to scale back the project's release plans leaves us a little concerned.

“We know people have been waiting for this game to arrive, and we believe it’s going to be worth the wait,” said Ubisoft suit Adam Novickas. “I Am Alive presents a unique take on the post-apocalyptic, survival genre by creating more complex and emotional situations for the player.”

There's a brand new trailer after the jump. The game's monochrome colour palette reminds us of PlayStation Move brawler The Fight: Lights Out.

We're suckers for survival games though, so we hope I Am Alive can deliver on our admittedly lofty expectations. The game's trailer doesn't necessarily indicate a decrease in ambition, so we remain cautiously optimistic.