Don't forget to roll up a pant leg

Sony already introduced us to Reality Fighter, its first-party augmented reality game for PS Vita, but now they are taking to the streets to give us Tag, a graffiti-sim title that lets you "tag" real world environments using the system's camera.

Basically you design a tag using the touch screen, save it, and then go around the city slamming it onto as many surfaces as possible, maximising your presence. Upload the tags to the 'net and other players will be able to see them. This is a double-edged sword however, as any players that see your tag can also overwrite it.

Listen up gangs, it's time to go green. The use of virtual graffiti would sharply cut down the CFCs emitted form aerosol spray paint cans. Plus there's an added bonus: you don't get arrested for spray painting your school in augmented reality.

Check out the trailer below: