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PlayStation Network - Vita (PlayStation Store)

  • EU 21st Nov 2012
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  • News Sony Paints t@g onto the PlayStation Store Today

    Shape shifter

    Don’t worry if you didn’t get invited to test out Sony’s augmented reality graffiti application t@g earlier this week, as the PlayStation Vita game is set to launch later today as part of the European PlayStation Store refresh. The title – which has been in development since before the handheld was actually announced – takes...

  • News Sony Stamping Inboxes with Early Access to Vita App t@g

    Unleash your inner Banksy

    Sony is inviting PlayStation Vita owners to try out its upcoming GPS-based graffiti application, t@g. The platform holder is currently distributing early access voucher codes via email, so it’s worth diving into your inbox to see if you’ve been asked to sample the streetwise software. “Unleash your creative talent...

  • News Discover Frobisher Says and tag on PS Vita

    Tag the toffs

    Of all the PlayStation Vita titles we’ve been lucky enough to sample, Honeyslug’s delightfully daft Frobisher Says stands head and shoulders above the rest. The curious mix of WarioWare and Rhythmn Heaven utilises Sony’s new handheld in some bafflingly imaginative ways, and it presents it in such an odd and assured manner that...

  • News Sony Spraypaints 'Tag' Trailer Into Real World

    Time to start a gang

    Sony already introduced us to Reality Fighter, its first-party augmented reality game for PS Vita, but now they are taking to the streets to give us Tag, a graffiti-sim title that lets you "tag" real world environments using the system's camera. Basically you design a tag using the touch screen, save it, and then go around the...

About The Game

Tag real-life environments using the PS Vita's camera. Upload your tags to allow other players to view them...and even tag over them.