Released hastily a year after its XBOX 360 counterpart, BioShock as a franchise was closely aligned with Microsoft's platform back in the early days of this generation.

But now you can't move without seeing BioShock: Infinite on the front-cover of PlayStation magazines, and Ken Levine on Sony-aligned websites. It's clear that the platform holder and 2K Games are pushing to make the franchise an established brand on PS3.

And why not? For starters, BioShock: Infinite is likely to be one of the best games of next year. And with the franchise set to make the jump onto PlayStation Vita, as well as take advantage of the PlayStation Move motion controller, there's a lot for Sony to shout about.

But outside of gimmicks and accessories, it's clear that Irrational Games are simply much more accustomed to Sony's console. Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Levine explained how the developer is now "very familiar" with the PS3 and is working hard to "leverage" the power of the platform. It's exciting talk when you cast your mind back to how half-hearted the original BioShock was on PS3. Despite being a year late, the game didn't run anywhere near as well as its XBOX 360 counterpart.

There's lots more from Ken Levine over on the PlayStation Blog, as well as a video interview after the jump. You should take in as much of this stuff as you possibly can; it's clear Levine is a bit of a genius. We can't wait to see the final version of BioShock: Infinite. It's going to be sublime.