How Can You Not Be Excited About Exploding Buildings And Psychopaths In Cars?

It's hard not to be entranced by the developer's no-nonsense style of discussion. If you haven't had a chance to listen to chat on GiantBomb's E3 special podcast, you really should. He's a fascinating character.

Having said that, we think Jaffe puts himself down a little too easily at times. It's worrying to us that interviews with Jaffe seem to focus on Twisted Metal's sales forecasts, rather than why the game is awesome. Clearly car-combat is a niche franchise this day-and-age, but that doesn't mean the topic of discussion needs to start and end with sales.

Still, that's exactly the line of questioning Eurogamer took in a recent interview, and at least it opened up some tid-bits on a potential PlayStation Vita version in the series.

“I don’t know how this is going to do,” Jaffe told to Eurogamer.

“I don’t know whether in 2011 there’ll still be a big enough home for us to say ‘make another one’ or ‘make one for the Vita’.

“We’re just stepping back and asking ‘we’ve had a lot of love from the fans, but is that going to translate well beyond break even?’ Or are we barely going to cross the threshold of making our money back?

“As to where it is on the Vita, probably if it’s a big hit we’re going to do it.

“Nobody has talked to us, so it’s not like ‘I can’t talk about that’ – that’s usually what you say when it’s in development. Nobody has talked to us.”

Later in the interview Jaffe explained that he doesn't feel like everyone within Sony "gets" Twisted Metal.

“I don’t know – there are probably people within Sony who look at Twisted Metal and say ‘that’s a big franchise’" he said.

"There are guys who get it, but there are just as many other people who go ‘I don’t really get it – is this something we really want to be promoting at the same level as say, Uncharted 3?’”

We're looking from the outside obviously, but we can't imagine Sony allowing Jaffe to close their E3 2010 press conference with a game not everybody believes in. We'd love it if the media gave Jaffe a chance to explain why the new Twisted Metal is so great, rather than focus on how it's going to sell.