If We Ever Stumbled Upon A Town Called Silent Hill, We'd Turn And Run The Other Way.

The moment we hear the spattering of rain-drops, our eyes light up. We're not really sure why, but there's something wicked about games that take place in the rain, right?

As you'd expect, Konami's upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour has a big emphasis on rain. As a celebration for reaching a Facebook follower milestone, the publisher has uploaded a short gameplay teaser from the game's upcoming E3 showcase. Hint: there's rain in it. You can see for yourself through here.

It's proper good rain too. The kind that would literally soak you to the skin in seconds.

We're big Silent Hill fans, so we have high hopes for Downpour. A lot of people think the series has been on the decline since Silent Hill 4, but those people obviously didn't player Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on PlayStation 2. That game did away with the combat heavy focus of recent iterations, opting for a really psychological atmosphere and bonkers narrative.

We're hoping that developers Vatra Games learned a thing or two from Shattered Memories.