Apparently SingStar: Dance Wasn't Enough.

We've made it a point to make that clear over the past couple of years, but we can't ignore their relevance. Franchises like Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii and Dance Central on the XBOX 360 are huge. Yet Sony's attempts to capture the market have been less convincing, with SingStar: Dance not quite shaking out as intended.

It's looking like Sony's ready to give the genre another pop however, with rumours of a new SCE published dance game hitting the web. The story stems from a series of domain registrations by the company, including:,, and the shockingly awful

The Everybody Dance Game name potentially hints at some kind of Clap Hanz involvement — SCEE has traditionally named Hot Shots Golf as Everybody's Golf in Europe — but we're clutching at straws. Do we really need anymore dance games?