But in Assassin's Creed: Revelations — the next title in the Ubisoft developed franchise — he's proper old. According to details published in the latest issue of GameInformer, the Italian stallion will be knocking on 50 at the start of Revelations. Obviously considering the time-period the game's set in, he's old.

There's no real word on whether Ezio's age will affect his abilities. Realistically, he should be much less agile than in previous games. But seeing as the crux of Assassin's Creed's gameplay is all about running and jumping through roof-tops, we're going to assume it will have little impact. Which would be a bit dumb. Here's hoping Ubisoft find an interesting way to tackle this issue.

One neat feature that Ubisoft's touting for Revelations is the removal of side-missions, in favour of Red Dead Redemption style "random events" that will occur as you explore the world.

There's much more in the latest issue of GameInformer. It's on store shelves now.