We've seeen very little gameplay footage since the title's E3 reveal, and even the typically outspoken David Jaffe has been quiet over the last couple of months. But with the latest Twisted Metal trailer, everything makes sense. The Eat Sleep Play have really been working hard. And its evidenced in the footage embedded above — the games come on leaps and bounds visually. But not only that, it looks smoother and better captures Twisted Metal's dark, nostalgic tone than the previous E3 demonstration.

The trailer notes an October 4th release date for the game, which we assume will apply only to the US. Hopefully the European date isn't too far behind though. It's a busy window for Twisted Metal to be part of — we can't help feeling that a summer release would have been more fitting — but we genuinely think this game is going to surprise a lot of people. It looks like classic Twisted Metal to us. If the netcode's good, this game's going to have serious legs.