Here's a series we didn't think we'd see on Move: super-hardcore hack-and-slash Ninja Gaiden, a franchise with so much action our arms are sore just thinking about playing it with Sony's motion controller.

The most recent issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine features an interview with Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi in which he discusses Ninja Gaiden III, a title we haven't heard anything of since 2010. While the producer spoke freely about the role of lead character Ryu Hayabusa, when quizzed about potential PlayStation Move support Hayashi kept quiet, only saying it was a closely guarded secret.

Hayashi claims the aim of Ninja Gaiden III is to draw players into the game world more than before:

We are trying to take the violent concepts even deeper and make people realize how it feels to actually kill someone and what it is to actually gut someone.

PlayStation Move support would certainly do that.

The question is: would you want to play Ninja Gaiden with PlayStation Move?