Check Out Some Fly-Throughs Of SOCOM 4's Multiplayer Maps After The Jump.

Jeremy Dunham explains on the PlayStation Blog that Von Heime Express is designed to capture the spirit of the classic SOCOM 2 map, Fox Hunt: "Set on the coast of Southeast Asia in a makeshift military base that comes complete abandoned train cars, Von Heine Express is a favorite here at Zipper and has only been seen publicly once – at PAX East 2011 where it was part of that event’s SOCOM Championship Tournament." You can check out a fly-through of that after the jump.

The other map detailed on the PlayStation Blog is called Cesspool, which is based on a mission from the single-player campaign. The map is set in a city slum environment, and is designed for "close-quarters combat-oriented players".

Zipper's keen to remind everyone that the SOCOM 4 beta is still running for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Set yourself up for a lengthy download though, it takes a long time to pull the data required to check out the pre-release multiplayer test. We actually, erm, kinda gave up.