The ball's in your court

With just one week to go until PlayStation Move Heroes, three Moves games have hit the market to attempt to convince you to part with your money before the six heroes fly in next week. Here's what's out this week

Top Spin 4

2K Sports leads the charge of tennis games on Move — ignoring last year's woeful Racquet Sports — with this effort. With a new online World Tour mode and enhanced single-player career this should keep you going for a while.

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There's been a free demo available for a few weeks which has stirred up plenty of discussion, but rest assured we'll be bringing you a full and honest review of the completed game in the near future.

Fit in Six

Known as My Fitness Coach: Club in Europe, this is the latest fitness game from Ubisoft. Aiming to increase your fitness in six key areas — cardio, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength and flexibility — the game offers a range of workouts, with the promise of new downloadable content throughout the year. We'll be limbering up and getting sweaty with this to see how it compares to the other Move-enabled fitness game, Get Fit with Mel B.

Dance on Broadway

An enhanced conversion of the Nintendo Wii original, this uses the Move controller to help you groove your way through hits from top Broadway shows including The Wiz, Rocky Horror Picture Show and more. We'll run the game through a gruelling audition process and let you know how it gets on in our review.

Will you be digging out your wallet this week?