Sony's PlayStation Network Analysis panel for example was filled with comments and research that you'd expect business men to talk about. Sony's pinned console sales at over 41.6 million worldwide, which is a pretty solid number for the manufacturer, though it seems bizarrely out of date. The last we heard, Sony had sold around 47 million PS3s. Odd.

Also pleasing is the news that a whopping 80 percent of systems are connected to the Internet, with over 70 million PlayStation Network accounts in the wilderness. That's a lot, even if some people do have multiple accounts.

All those connected systems mean bags of potential for Sony though, something the platform holder recognised throughout 2010. Sales through the PlayStation Network were up an enormous 70 percent, which is absolutely huge.

Pretty good news all around for Sony then, especially with regards to the PlayStation Network service. Well deserved too, the PSN has come on leaps and bounds over the past two-to-three years.