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The time for Ape Escape to finally make its debut on the PlayStation 3 outside of Japan is finally approaching. Ape Escape Fury! Fury! released a few months ago in Japan, but an official release outside of Japan has yet to be heard. Today that changed when the PlayStation Blog announced that PlayStation Move Ape Escape is coming to North America and Europe this summer.

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PlayStation Move Ape Escape is built entirely around PlayStation Move, and is an on-rails game that has players wielding a variety of weapons with the Move controller to catch those adorable apes that we’ve come to love over the years. We’ve already gotten some hands-on playtime with the Japanese version of the game, known as Ape Escape Fury! Fury!, and we were quite impressed with what we played. The name might have changed for its release outside of Japan, but PlayStation Move Ape Escape makes it PSN debut this summer, and audiences of all ages will get their chance to experience the charming world of Ape Escape on home consoles once again.