Bad monkey!

Ape Escape fans have been craving a new console entry in the series for years, and it’s finally close to being upon us. Ape Escape Fury! Fury! brings a unique style of gameplay to the franchise that can only be possible with the power of Move, and we recently got to catch a few Apes for ourselves.

Ape Escape became a fan favourite series in 1999 on the original PlayStation. Utilising the new DualShock controller for full analogue control in a 3D platform game was revolutionary at the time, not to mention its charming aim of catching cute apes . With the PlayStation Move in our hands, Ape Escape Fury! Fury! is once again bringing a new unique style of gameplay to the franchise, but how will the fans respond to this radical new change for the series?

The Japanese PSN Store recently released a demo for Ape Escape Fury! Fury! and we have taken it for a spin to get the feel of this new style. Fury! Fury! is an on-rails shooter, with the exception that the apes need to be caught instead of shot to complete the levels. The simians run or jump toward the screen and, using the notorious red basket from previous titles, you must catch the attacking apes when they move in close enough to snatch up.

Catch in February

Catching monkeys with Move is fun enough for a few minutes, but to make things interesting there is a varied arsenal of weapons in the demo. A slingshot can be used by aiming and pressing the T button to shoot items on-screen and get the attention of the apes to make them attack or, thwart an unwanted attack. Special weapons can be activated when a battery is found in the levels, and can either turn apes into bananas or suck them in for an easy capture. Seeing as this is just a demo, hopefully even more weapons and items will be available for use to help catch all those pesky apes.

Graphically the game looks really good, with bright vivid colours that fans of the series will instantly connect with. Anime videos start the demo off with a bang, as UFOs fill the sky and bring the alien apes to Earth. The anime videos don’t have a high definition appearance to them, but they still look great and fit the nature of the game perfectly. The demo gives a brief tutorial of how to use the different weapons with the Move controls, and then it’s on to the playable demo level. Traversing through a house that is being invaded by alien apes, the screen is stagnant while the apes make their attacks, and moves once the area has been cleared. The house is filled with boxes, toys etc and all move accordingly when shot with the slingshot, and will even suck toward the screen with the apes if the special weapon is used. Move controls work really well here, and the ease of use will even have young children catching the adorable apes in no time at all.

Ape Escape Fury! Fury! is a simple and charming game to play with a unique style to the series that fans of the series will appreciate. The game is definitely aimed at a younger target audience, but we can still see parents playing this one with the kids and having fun as well. The demo only offers up a small sample of things to come, but we are looking forward to giving Fury! Fury! a thorough play through, and will bring a full review shortly after.