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PlayStation Move Ape Escape (North American title)
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PlayStation 3

  • US 5th Jul 2011, $19.99
  • EU 24th Jun 2011, £19.99
  • JP 9th Dec 2010
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  • Review Ape Escape (PlayStation 3)

    Gorilla warfare

    Sony's Ape Escape series has been a PlayStation staple since 1999, when it wowed the world with its dual-analogue control scheme. Now over a decade later it's trying another control scheme in Ape Escape, (known as PlayStation Move Ape Escape in North America) but is it an evolutionary step or a knuckle-dragging disaster? The original...

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Ape Escape Screenshot
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Ape Escape Screenshot

Ape Escape News

  • Out Today PlayStation Move Ape Escape (North America)

    Those apes infest PSN

    After a disc release in Europe, PlayStation Move Ape Escape hits North America as a digital download today. The on-rails net-swinging catch-em-up may not be the best demonstration of PlayStation Move's abilities, but it's charming enough and might be worth a go if you're desperate to reunite with those escaped apes again. Be...

  • News New Move Demos and DLC Out in US PlayStation Store

    Here's what's on offer

    Waiting for a demo before you try out Gameloft's chart-topping Dungeon Hunter: Alliance? Now that painful waiting can stop, as the North American PlayStation Store has been updated with a demo and more Move-enabled content. Here's a brief overview of what's out there now. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Demo: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance...

  • Out Today Ape Escape (Europe)

    Those monkeys are back

    The original Ape Escape wowed with its DualShock controls way back in 1999, and now those simians are hopping over to another new control scheme in the form of Ape Escape (known as PlayStation Move Ape Escape in North America.) The game is perhaps best described as a "first-person catcher" — imagine an on-rail...

  • News PSN Catches Ape Escape Fever on 5th July

    Only in America

    Here's an unusual event: PlayStation Move Ape Escape is coming to PSN in North America on 5th July, but in Europe it's out on disc tomorrow. If you want to try out the net-waving cartoon adventure, there'll also be a free demo for North American account holders on 28th June to see what you think to the apes' long-awaited appearance...

  • News UK Retailers Peg Ape Escape for Cheap Release in June

    Won't need to rustle up many notes

    PlayStation Move Ape Escape — called simply Ape Escape in Europe — will be available from PlayStation Network in North America, but in Europe the game is is heading to retail next month, with several retailers putting a pleasantly low price on the Move-exclusive net 'em up. Amazon lists the game at £24.99 with...

  • News Ape Escape Makes Its Escape From Japan

    The Ape Escapes this Summer

    The time for Ape Escape to finally make its debut on the PlayStation 3 outside of Japan is finally approaching. Ape Escape Fury! Fury! released a few months ago in Japan, but an official release outside of Japan has yet to be heard. Today that changed when the PlayStation Blog announced that PlayStation Move Ape Escape is...

  • First Impressions Ape Escape Fury! Fury!

    The Ape's for the Kids

    Ape Escape fans have been craving a new console entry in the series for years, and it’s finally close to being upon us. Ape Escape Fury! Fury! brings a unique style of gameplay to the franchise that can only be possible with the power of Move, and we recently got to catch a few Apes for ourselves. Ape Escape became a fan...

  • News New Ape Escape Screenshots the Happiest Things You'll See Today

    Colour! Rainbows! Moustaches!

    Ape Escape Fury Fury is an on-rails game that features a net, not a gun: your task is to round-up all the monkeys using your keeper's prowess, grabbing them in your net, naturally controlled by PlayStation Move. A new batch of screenshots of the upcoming simian snatcher have found their way to use here at Movemodo and...

  • News Just Try to Forget the Music from this Ape Escape Fury Fury Trailer

    It's impossible

    First-person net 'em up Ape Escape Fury Fury is about catching monkeys with flashing lights on their heads, but that's got nothing on the musical madness in this Tokyo Game Show trailer. It's no surprise the monkeys are so furious, it's likely caused by over-exposure to sugary game pop, so this trailer comes with a health warning...

  • News Ape Escape Puts Monkeys On Rails, Hilarity Presumably Ensues

    First-person monkey catching on the Move

    The first Ape Escape game for PlayStation One innovated with its dual analogue controls, and was one of the first games to use the DualShock pad to its full potential. Sony's upcoming simian sequel Ape Escape Fury Fury is also set to lead with unusual controls, using the Move to simulate a net as you play a...

About The Game

It's time for some monkey business on PlayStation 3!

Travel through time to battle with hundreds of cheeky chimps from outer space and their evil boss, Specter.

Turn your PlayStation Move motion controller into awesome gadgets, fight off the apes in Chase battles or stop the menacing monkeys from stealing your bananas in Capture battles.

Go bananas over cool mini-games including Sprayzer Defence Force! and Mecha Tag Rally.

Head to the Goodies section to find out more about the apes you've captured in the Monkeypedia, check out your performance statistics or practise your skills in the Tutorial.