... Because Reviewers Wanted Destruction Derby Instead.

Presumably in response to the rush of reviews claiming, "Blah blah blah the damage is rubbish and the game took five years to make and we spent three minutes reviewing it because the damage is rubbish," Polyphony Digital's upgraded Gran Turismo 5 to version 1.03, introducing the option to turn-on the game's damage features. Great, now you can pretend you're playing Destruction Derby instead of Gran Turismo 5, right?

The update apparently adds "None", "Light" and "Heavy" damage settings to online games. Honestly, we haven't got done installing this morning's firmware update yet, so we haven't grabbed the 150MB GT5 update to check all the features. If any readers have spotted some other additions since installing the patch, let us know in the comments.

[source thesixthaxis.com]