Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is shaping up nicely from its Xbox roots, with the latest developer diary from Just Add Water revealing hte hard work that's gone into revamping the graphics to today's standards.

The entire article might open a few eyes of gamers who view conversions from older consoles to today's machines as lazy: the team at JAW has clearly had its work cut out to bring the game into the HD generation, but the results show it's doing something right so far.

Before beginning any actual 3D work on this project we first had to asses the current art assets supplied by Oddworld. Unfortunately this involved searching through gigabyte after gigabyte of very old data, most of which was in Maya 4.5 format, (we are currently on Maya 2011, Maya 4.5 was used back in 2005). This data consisted of the original XBox assets as well as some of the super high resolution CG models used for the pre-rendered cinematics, as well as lots of other unusable things.

There's plenty more detail over in Just Add Water developer's blog, so have a leaf through to see how the team's doing.

[source jawltd.com]