Hopefully more exciting than it looks

The news you'll soon be able to get sweaty with a Spice Girl in the shapely form of Get Fit with Mel B rocked our world, and Black Bean has followed up to create a boxercise-style one-two punch with this press release.

With 199 individually tailored exercises – you'd have thought they'd have been able to come up with one more – 140 recipes and 6 types of aerobics disciplines this sounds like a completely exhausting experience, but the promise of Mel B dishing out advice and support in real-time should be enough to keep you exercising.

Get Fit with Mel B is out now in North America, with a European release happening this November.

Every year we try new exercise routines and diets to get ready for the summer and make sure we look our best in those bikinis and shorts, but when the holidays come to an end, we often relax, which can lead to those pounds piling back on…

Sound familiar? Does your fitness and health concern you? Now there is a new solution!

Visit http://www.getfitwithmelb.com and discover “Get Fit With Mel B”, the innovative fitness software published by Black Bean Games, using an exercise programme created by Fitness First and developed by Lightning Fish studios for PlayStation® Eye, PlayStation® Move, Kinect™, controller-free games and entertainment for Xbox 360®, and Wii™, soon to be available in November 2010.

Using exciting new fitness technology enhancements and innovative fitness advice from the industry leaders, the “Get Fit With Mel B” program is the most comprehensive well-being experience you’ll ever need and guarantees you’ll see the difference!

“Get Fit With Mel B”, is the ultimate home fitness training programme and the only videogame offering an interactive and tailored workout along with a nutritional program in one simple package.

During the game, users can create their profile and select their goals. This will give them a complete fitness and nutritional plan adapted to their own personal needs.

Experts at Fitness First have worked with Mel B to devise the perfect home workout. With a choice of more than 199 tailored exercises, 6 types of aerobics disciplines (dance fit, cardio, advanced cardio, step, pump and tone and combat) and a nutritional program with 6 different meal plans with 140 recipes, “Get Fit With Mel B” finally offers people a professional workout and healthy customized eating plan in the comfort of their own homes.

The user friendly approach delivered by the exclusive body detection system and camera-based controls will bring you directly into the screen and allow you to train alongside Mel B, who will deliver her real-time advice and feedback, to help keep you motivated and achieve those results, while playing a game!

Mel B, the former Spice Girl, who is also the face of Fitness First and International Fitness Week, is now on air with her reality TV show, “Mel B. It’s A Scary World”.

Discover the “Get Fit With Mel B” experience and you will be at the centre of the game, enjoying your cross-training experience which is easy, fun and effective wherever you are!