About time

Motion gaming has ushered in a new generation of fitness titles, with PlayStation Move about to receive its first in the slender form of Get Fit with Mel B.

The former Spice Girl has teamed up with Fitness First, Black Bean and Lightning Fish Studios to bring a combination of gaming and fitness to the PS3. Boasting six types of aerobic disciplines and more than 100 unique exercises that can be used with other fitness equipment such as the resistance band from EA Sports Active, the biggest draw is surely, in the press release's own words, training with "Mel B, the top worldwide celebrity".

The game will also allow you to track your diet and exercise away from the PS3, aiming to provide an all-in-one diet and fitness package. It's due out in North America on September 28th and November 4th across Europe. We'll bring you a full review of its fitness qualifications shortly after release.