Less egg-headed than ever

Sony's head honcho of quizzes Buzz returns next week in the rather tuneful form of Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz, reaching European PS3 consoles from Wednesday October 20th.

As well as the usual buzzer-bashing quiz rounds, The Ultimate Music Quiz offers unique rounds making use of the PlayStation Move, in which the controller allows players to pick their answer in a rather less conventional fashion.

Hammer Time is like whack-a-mole with knowledge: you must smash the correct answer with the Move; Master Blaster sees you shooting answers stuck to the sides of UFOs; Heavy Metal turns answers into steel girders (yes, really) with Move becoming a magnet to transport them into a hopper; and Pop Life puts giant darts in your hand to let you burst balloons containing... you guessed it, answers. The Buzz! developers win extra musical points by naming three of the Move-enabled round after a song – 10 Movemodo Respect Points to the first commenter to identify the three artists in our comments section without using a search engine.

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The game supports up to eight players in two teams of four when using Buzz! Buzzers, but the Move bonus rounds can be played with four players passing one controller around. Even if you just have a PlayStation Eye and no Move controller, you can use the camera to snap a photo of yourself to adorn your in-game caricature.

Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz starts to bring musical party entertainment across Europe from Wednesday October 20th, reaching British shores on Friday October 22nd. We'll rack our massive musical brains when we bring you a full review shortly after the game's release.

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