It's possibly our favourite on PlayStation, special. There's something unique about the games visual style and the culture surrounding it. Wipeout defined PlayStation when it launched in the mid-90s.

So it was really sad when we heard about the job losses at Studio Liverpool. Honestly, we thought that might have meant the end of the franchise. But a job listing posted by SCEE last week's changed our mind. The Liverpool based position requires "an experienced and upbeat Senior Designer to work with a talented and experienced team on a high profile, futuristic racing franchise". High profile racing franchise? It's not the first time we've reported on positions at Studio Liverpool; earlier in the year Sony Liverpool were looking for someone with experience in "third and first person" action games. Interesting.

Platforms aren't mentioned, so PSP2 could be a possibility. Either way, more Wipeout... More Wipeout. Please.