We think those barrels are explosive. Call it a hunch.

We know Move is good: under the right conditions it's capable of stunning precision, as these tech demos prove. Supermassive Games, the team behind upcoming brick-stacker Tumbler, claims the controller is a bit too precise, as it had to smooth out some control kinks to get the game up to par.

The amount of motion data generated by the Move posed some problems for the team, who had to turn the incoming information into a smooth control method without sacrificing any precision or introducing any lag. The game's senior designer, Tom Heaton, thinks the team has succeeded:

We think Tumble has the most precise control system ever developed for a game: Every action you make with your motion controller is replicated on-screen perfectly.

If you're interested in Tumble, don't forget a demo will be available in the Starter Pack, on the PlayStation Store or in select launch titles, and of course we'll have a full review shortly after its launch on PlayStation Network.

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