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PlayStation 3

  • US 15th Sep 2010, $9.99
  • EU 15th Sep 2010, £7.99
  • JP 17th Feb 2011
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  • Review Tumble (PlayStation 3)

    Let's get ready to Tuuumble!!!

    When Sony began its marketing blitz for the Playstation Move, the ads focused on how Move differentiates from the competition, namely Kinect and the Nintendo Wii. The Move campaign began with a commercial featuring Kevin Butler as the "VP of Realistic Movements" attempting to persuade the viewer the Move can do things...

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Tumble News

  • News Move Games Go Cheap in European PSN Sale

    Up to 50% off

    PlayStation Network has stacks of Move-enabled games to download, but if you've been holding off on some until a substantial price drop and have a European account you might want to load up the PlayStation Store and see what's on offer. As part of Sony's "Let's PlayStation Move!" event, from now until 30th March selected...

  • News Tumble Falls to Half Price in PlayStation Network Sale

    $4.99 in North America

    If you're after a cheap but engaging downloadable title for PlayStation Move, you could do a lot worse than pick up Tumble, the block-stacking, tower-building title that shows off the controller's range of movement as beautifully as any other. If you live in North America, you can now get 50% off Tumble as part of...

  • News PlayStation Store Updated with Move Content A-Go-Go

    Demos, patches and more good stuff

    Today's the day that users all across Europe – except the UK, that is – can Move into the next generation of motion controlled gaming, with the controller and games launched across the mainland continent. If you haven't made it to the shops yet, or your pre-order hasn't popped through the post, consider whiling...

  • News Tumble Developer Claims Move is "Too Precise"

    Had to dial down the detail for blocky tumbler

    We know Move is good: under the right conditions it's capable of stunning precision, as these tech demos prove. Supermassive Games, the team behind upcoming brick-stacker Tumbler, claims the controller is a bit too precise, as it had to smooth out some control kinks to get the game up to par. The amount...

About The Game

Stack blocks in tall towers to earn big scores.

  • Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to accurately and precisely place objects.
  • Easy to play, addictive and rewarding.
  • Playable in amazing stereoscopic 3D.