Futurlab's New Title Is A Bit More Futuristic Than Coconuts, Crabs & Sand.

Don't just take our word for it; check out MetaCritic, where the game currently holds an average score of 81. Needless to say, British-based developers Futurlab know a thing or two about game design. Which is why we're so excited for their next project.

We've been working closely with Futurlab over the last few weeks, teasing their next big PlayStation project. That mystery jigsaw piece last week? Yeah, it wasn't such a mystery to us. It was a teaser for Futurlab's next game; one we can't actually name at this point.

That's because Futurlab need your help. They want you to name their new game and protagonist on a special website that's just opened.

Futurlab's new game is a vertical scrolling space shoot 'em up. Being a Futurlab title, however, there's a bit of a twist. The studio's introduced a teleportation mechanic, that will allow players to jump around the screen in order to dodge enemy fire and solve basic logic puzzles. It's all pretty neat then.

The game is in development now, but Futurlab are looking to readers like you to name the title and its protagonist. Click through the link to participate.

There's plenty more information about Futurlab's new endeavour on the PlayStation Blog.