Heavy Rain's Chronicles DLC Has Been Sacrificed In Order To Implement Move Controls.

So, honestly, we're not surprised there have never been hard details on the prequel Chronicles. But, according to a Eurogamer interview, it seems Move implementation is what's killed the mini episodes.

"Our approach was to make no compromise on the quality of the Chronicles and offer exactly the same quality than the original game," said Cage. "Chronicles as we saw them were ambitious and with high expectations. As explained, they are on hold to allow the team to work on Move and on new projects, and I doubt they will ever be produced.

"My personal choice was to work on more Chronicles explaining the background of each character," he continued.

"The stories were very strong and would have been very surprising for all Heavy Rain fans. Sony wanted more AAA adult games to support the Move and they thought that Heavy Rain was the perfect fit.

"For me, there was really a choice to make, because I did not want to postpone the work on our next projects spending one more year on Heavy Rain, and given the time and attention we put in developing our games, this is what it would have meant."

Despite all this, Cage is still very pleased with the work that's gone into Heavy Rain's Move implementation.

"I understand Sony's decision and it gave us the opportunity to explore new possibilities regarding controls," he explained. "I am really proud of this Move edition and think it will surprise many gamers and show that Move can be used for things other than family entertainment. Now as a writer and director, would I have preferred to work on the three Chronicles I wrote? Guess."

Disappointing then? Definitely. But we're vastly anticipating the PlayStation Move implementation in Heavy Rain's main campaign.