Just to let you know, Sony's new PlayStation Plus service is totally available for subscription right now. The service - which sets you back £40 / $50 for a year - gets you access to piles of content every month. Here in Europe a yearly subscription rewards you with a downloadable copy of LittleBigPlanet, while in the US you'll get three months for free. Obviously you'll need the new firmware update to subscribe.

The first month gets you access to free copies of Wipeout HD, Field Runners, Age Of Zombies and more. You'll get new stuff every month too. We're going to assume Sony are going to use PlayStation Plus to roll out new features in the future too. It seems like it's well worth subscribing though. At roughly £3 a month, Field Runners alone pays for your first month's subscription.

Don't forget, you'll also get automatic download features, meaning your PS3 will automatically download and install firmware updates and patches for your favourite games. Awesome.

If you want to know more, Sony's published an FAQ right through here. If you've already subscribed, let us know in the comments.