Vanquish Is Due On Playstation 3 Later This Year.

com's</a> got your back with all the meaty details. The third-person shooter, being developed by Mr. Resident Evil Shinji Mikami, begins in space on a cylindrical colony known as Providence. This colony is America's 51st state, and has been created in order to gather solar energy. The energy is converted into microwaves and beamed back to Earth.

Sadly, for the sake of a video game, someone's taken over the colony and converted the power-plants into weapons of mass destruction, with much of San Francisco taking the wrath. Blah blah, threats are issued, etc etc.

Fact is, the only guy who can save America is war veteran Burns. You play a character named Sam, a member of Burns' fleet, in approach of the colony.

Sam is equipped with an ARS, or Augmented Reaction Suit. The suit is made of carbon nano tubes and offers the strength of steel without the restriction of weight. Basically - you're a titan.

<span>Shinji Mikami has claimed that he wants to make a more speedy based shooter, rather than the slower approach of Western shooter, and there appears to be evidence of that in the game's mechanics. Sam can boost, as well as use melee attacks to defeat his foes. Hopefully the level design provides plenty of accessibility for zipping about, rather than hanging back and aiming.