"And Then This Is Going To Be At The VGAs... And Then This... And Oh Don't Forg-..."

We get it. You think your awards show has lots of cool stuff happening. But for goodness sake, much as we love you, we're getting a bit bored of hearing about you now. Stop using Twitter for five minutes, Geoff. Please. You're making us work. Too much. Don't frown at us. We love your smile still. We love the Bonus Round. But c'mon. You're like a marketing machine. Or something.

Oh what the hell. We'll tell the kind readers that the VGAs are set to unveil the latest UFC game, UFC Undisputed 2010. UFC is all about sweaty men bonding. It's big in the US right now.

The games are good too.

Happy Keighley? Are you bloody happy?