The popular PSN futuristic racer is to get hit by dynamic content during the game's loading screens. It's a bit disappointing that they're tarting up the loading screens with advertising, we actually think it would be more "in fitting" to stick them on the billboards, but given some of the speeds people play Wipeout HD at, we guess the advertisers wouldn't be too keen.

Sadly, those of you hoping for some relevent promotion from the likes of Red Bull and Coca-Cola will be disappointed. A YouTube video showing the adverts in action reveals insurance firm State Farm as one of the companies signed up to be put in the game.

Worryingly, ad-firm Double Fusion claim they are planning to put advertising in a "handful" of other PS3 games by the end of the year.

We absolutely don't have a problem with in-game advertising when it's placed into the game world and well implemented (see: Burnout Paradise). Not sure how to feel about advertising during loading screens though.

Playing Wipeout HD this afternoon, we're yet to see any ads in the loading screens. Guess the service hasn't quite been fully rolled out yet.