Dead Nation on Playstation 3 Blow-Out Preview.

We think it's probably fair to say we're all a bit fed up of them right? But, what if a newly announced zombie game was confirmed to be in development by Super Startdust HD developers, House Marque. Yup, thought that would catch you.

Essentially, Dead Nation is very much Super Stardust HD with zombies. The controls work in an extremely Smash TV style - if you could picture the Super Stardust HD playing field and replace it with the above image of Dead Nation, you've pretty much got a feeling for how Dead Nation will play.

This is a shoot 'em up, and there's really not much to say about the core mechanics. The default weapon has unlimited ammo. Permutations of the default weapon pack more punch but are, naturally, limited. The streets are littered with exploding barrels and cars, helping you to take out a mounting degree of on-screen zombies. It's a zombie shooter.

The twist in Dead Nation, therefore, is the social network elements of the experience. You'll be able to select countries via an interactive globe. Essentially, there is a sense of global co-op — as a gaming community, we're all collaborating to rid the globe of the zombie outbreak. The stats are broken down between countries.

Aswell as this global sense of co-op, Dead Nation will also have local and online co-op in order for you to rid the zombie outbreak co-operatively.

At this stage the game is pretty early, but it all looks absolutely gorgeous. The lighting and texture detail is top-notch.

It may be another zombie shooter, but Dead Nation is certainly want to look out for. If not because of the developer's pedigree, then because it's actually trying to do something different.